Dreaming and Wondering

I had a dream last night about the first flash piece I ever did. Well, sort of. That was in the dream but like so many other dreams it wasn’t really.

But the dream compelled me to get up and find that flash file, which lead me down an interesting path of searching through my early web pages and realizing just how much more I did back then. I did a redesign every few months! And that was back in the day when I was still learning, and still managed to do complete redesigns in no time.


I can’t even keep up with blog posts, haven’t bothered to design anything for this site, haven’t finished about a half dozen other web projects I have on the back burner. Where did that time go?

Now I know some of that was I was young and often slept 4 hours a night. But that can’t be where it all went, can it? Oh, and I was working more hours and going to school some of that time.

That being said, I’ve managed to work on my design personal blog tonight, and get a lot further than I expected in just one sitting. Its not finished but its acceptable: http://www.think-twice.net/blog