I have been having really vivid dreams lately. Dreams that I are all over the board. Dreams about people that would not normally cross paths in real life. Dreams about people I haven’t seen in a long time. This isn’t too unusual, but the vividness of them is what’s confusing me. I might have the occasional dream I remember, but this has been nightly.

It started sometime last week, where I had a dream about a song; in the dream I couldn’t remember it. So upon waking, I looked it up, and it was a Jeff Buckley song. (And to be ironic, the song in the dream was ‘So Real’.) I haven’t listened to Jeff Buckley in what seems like an eternity. But that led me to a course of relistening, which lead to another dream, where he was still alive.

The “Jeff Buckley Is Secretly Alive” dreams are reoccurring every few years, so it’s not completely surprising that a few days of intense listening would lead me to this dream. Usually it’s some kind of search, or he’s hidden away somewhere mundane. Once it was in a government/bureaucratic building of sorts (accessible only by sea?). This time it was some small retail shop.

But, my dreams are far from limited to Jeff Buckley. I’ve been dreaming about people I haven’t seen in ages, people I don’t know, like celebrities. I’ve been dreaming about working, and about being “caught” some how as a way to deny my disability. I’ve been dreaming about sneaking around a lot too, or uncovering crimes. And some have been very boring, like walking around.

What I don’t understand is why now with these dreams. Why would I have such a vivid run of dreams? I haven’t changed medications. Maybe I’m getting better or worse sleep? Maybe it’s a touch of restlessness and spring? I have been exercising as much as I’m able – maybe that’s stirring some activity in my brain?

Or maybe it’s just one pile of coincidence.

The Band

I had a dream last night. It was one of those dreams that sticks with you in that odd way that some dreams do. I dreamt I was out with friends and one of them knew the band Geggy Tah, that just happened to be hanging out that the same club we were at.
And they were excited to just run into some fans in the middle of the midwest, and my friend knew of a club that had an open stage. So they agreed they’d perform for us. It was a lounge setting with the stage sort of in the middle. After all, what more perfect a setting for Geggy Tah.

I talked to the singer Tommy for a while. We talked about my water proof camera (which I kept dunking in my drink to show how it worked). And then I found out that they had a new album coming out called “Pump”.

I woke up shortly afterward, but it felt so real. I even looked online, but there is no news of a new album.

Gotta love cold medicine.