My Nightmare

I recently came into contact with someone who’s been doing “this web thing” for about as long as I have. Possible a little longer, at least as a creator. He’s about ten years my senior. And I am afraid – I hope I’m not looking at my future. Looking at design, it’s like that person stopped evolving 10 years ago. The work, attitude, and view of the web is cradled in what was the norm at the beginning of the internet. I’m genuinely afraid this could be me. I try to make sure I am aware of new trends, changes in the industry, etc . . . but what if I stop? What if 10 years from now, I’m the person being looked at as being stuck? I don’t want that, I want to keep evolving, I need to be on the razors edge. But it’s so easy to forget, to find a way of doing something and continuing to do it that way because it’s easy.

I recently scoffed at going to a class because I thought I knew the subject matter – turns out that it changed significantly 2 years ago, and I had been doing it the hard way the entire time. This should have been enough of a reminder that I don’t know it all. I’m hoping it is. I just set an appointment with myself yearly to remind myself to stay current. Who knows, maybe in 10 years time I’ll think it was cute and childish. Or maybe it will be exactly the kick in the pants I need.


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